Kokotte by La Cantine Numérique
Kokotte by La Cantine Numérique

Kokotte by La Cantine Numérique

Started on
Oct 30, 2019
In which capacity?
Curriculum director
EntrepreneurshipStartupsStartup weekend

Key facts

  • 3 warmup workshops to generate 40+ leads for the main event
  • 70 participants onboarded at the start of the weekend
  • 1 curriculum built from scratch, focused on customer acquisition & confronting your idea to the market
  • 10+ coaches & 5 mentors on-board

Warmup workshops


Build your web product visual identity

🇫🇷 Crée la charte graphique de ton produit web

The visual identity of your product is the first thing to setup, before tackling the actual building phase of your web product.

It is critical to know how to highlight your product, in order to convince your potential customers as efficiently as possible.

Kokotte's mission [the startup weekend event] is to help you launch your web based business: hence, we must focus on your visual identity first 🎨

🔑 Key learnings
  • Look for inspiration in the right corners of the web
  • Choose and use correctly
    • A font
    • A logo
    • A color palette
    • Icons & pictures

Build your web product landing page

🇫🇷 Crée la landing page de ton produit web

During the 1st workshop you laid down a visual identity for your product. Now it's time to layer it on a web page. Your first landing page!

In this workshop, you will upskill in HTML & CSS, through a practical challenge: building a copycat of an existing landing page template. You'll be able to use it during the startup weekend, when you'll publish the first landing page for your business idea 💻

🔑 Key learnings
  • Discover HTML & CSS basic principles
    • Tags & attributes
    • Rules & properties
  • Use a text editor to code for the first time (Sublime Text)
  • Publish your first web landing page (Github Pages)


Bootstrap your product the smart way, with Zapier

🇫🇷 Bootstrap ton produit intelligemment, avec Zapier

Last workshop, from which you'll lear how to give life to your web based idea, by using 3rd party services in a smart way, building up a complete experience for your customer, without code, with bootstrapping ⚡

🔑 Key learnings
  • Understand what bootstrapper mindset is
  • Discover Zapier
  • Setup a first user flow by connecting different 3rd party services
    • Insert a Typeform in your landing page
    • Pipeline data from your lead to a Trello kanban or Google Sheet
    • Send her an automated recap via email

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